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Running for a cause: The CCR 5km City Run

Sri Lankans sure love their running. Whether you’re a morning jogger or a professional athlete running at the regionals, its something that most of us seems to enjoy, at least occasionally. You can walk into any jogging track and you can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be empty. Of course, some choose to take the sport more on a more serious level. The folks at Colombo City Running (better known as CCR) are one such bunch, and these guys are doing something cool for the National Cancer Hospital.

Colombo City Running | CCR

The CCR Community (Image Credits: Colombo City Running)

CCR you say?

For those of you who don’t know, CCR is a community based not-for-profit recreational running group. Their aim? To promote running in Colombo. The group is pretty much open for anyone interested, regardless of your age or fitness levels. So in case you’re interested, you can join in every Sunday at 5.30 in the morning at the Independence Square. They offer planned mid to long distance run-led groups in the range of 5km, 7 – 10 km, 12 – 15km and 15+km. Additionally, you can undergo training programs for some of the major running events such as the LSR Colombo Marathon. 

Colombo City Running | CCR

Its not all about just running (Photo Courtesy: Colombo City Running)

One of the group’s events is the monthly Colombo City Run. This is where a 5km run takes place in Colombo. This month, CCR will be dedicating the City Run towards the children at the National Cancer Hospital.

CCR City Run 5k – Let’s give them a LIFT!

At the Maharagama National Cancer Hospital, children are daily carried between floors to the pediatric ward for treatment. This might not seem like a big deal, but if you’re a kid with Leukemia, bone cancer or low blood counts, the issue becomes not only challenging but rather dangerous as well. Thereby, this month’s City Run aims to collect enough funds to install a bed elevator at the hospital.

As of now, Rs. 3.2 million have been collected in funds and require Rs. 800,000 more to reach the target. So, if you want to help out with this initiative, here are couple of ways you could do so.

1. Run (or walk) at the race and donate

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional runner or just the occasional jogger. You can join in on the 5km race which will kick off on the 29th of October, 6.00 AM onwards. The run will take place at the Independence Square premises and will begin at 6.30 AM. And don’t worry, participants will have the option to run, walk or even both at the race.

2. Donate online

Maybe running isn’t really your thing or maybe you just won’t be able to make it on the 29th. If that’s the case, you could always make a donation online. You can visit here to do so.

So, will you be making it to the CCR City Run 5k this month? Do let us know in the comments below.

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