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Sri Lanka Futsal Championship 2017: The Fhix45 Victory

Excitement and energy. The very 1st edition of Sri Lanka Futsal Championship successfully concluded in grand style on the 2nd of September, at Futsal World.

It was a warm sunny Saturday morning. For some, it was business as usual. But for those of us futsal fans, it was poised to be one of the most exciting days in the calendar. Sri Lanka Futsal Championship 2017 had finally arrived.

In case you didn’t know, Sri Lanka Futsal Championship, or better known as SLFC, is a Futsal tournament that takes place on an annual basis. On the 2nd of September, the inaugural edition, Sri Lanka Futsal Championship 2017 was held.

Sri Lanka Futsal Championship 2017

Prelude to SLFC 2017

A variation of Football, futsal is a sport that’s quietly gaining momentum in Sri Lanka. From the young *insert school here* kid to the big corporate employee, the game is proving to be much more than just a favourite past time for a lot of folk. This was clearly evident at SLFC 2017.

Kicking things off a little more than a month back, we’ve had 20 teams that took part on the 2nd of September. These teams were made up of 5 players, out of which 1 was a compulsory female player.

The Group Stages

As the registrations went on, we had the referees brief the teams about the official rules and conditions of the game. We also had the folks from 1990 Emergency Service run the crowd through some basic procedures in emergency medical care.

Once the registrations were complete, SLFC 2017 kicked off with the rousing group stage games. 20 teams were ready to battle it. While not every team had the same level of experience in the arena, each team had their own set of skills and talents at their disposal. This made the group stage matches quite the intense fight from the get go. 

While the teams battled it out in the arena, the festive atmosphere that was SLFC, remained right through out with the crowd. These were mostly in part thanks to our awesome partners that came in the form of Moose ClothingCoco VerandaHarpo’s Pizza, Snow MonkeyMelons & Mojitos, Magic Corn, Buffalo Energy Drinks and Sky High Apparel for helping us keep the festive atmosphere through the day’s proceedings.

Sri Lanka Futsal Championship 2017

A few of our awesome partners that joined hands with SLFC 2017

As the matches went on, it was eventually down to the top 10. But the game was far from over. Next came the knockouts where the list was further narrowed down to the top 5.

The Knockouts: A Triumphant Win In The Futsal Arena

What started off with 20 teams eventually came down to 5. The five sides to qualify were Dracarys, AMDT, TCFC, Fhix45 and Futsal Pool. All 5 sides played each other in the third round and 2 sides with most number of points qualified for the all-important finals.

Even as the evening dawned, the battles were no short of intensity. The teams continued playing with tremendous enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Of course the open mic session from musicians Kishawn Ravindran and Jerome Perera certainly helped.

After a day full of adrenaline and excitement, team Fhix45 was crowned champion after a hard fought battle with TCFC. Team Dracarys was adjudged second runner up (Daenerys would be proud). Erandhi Liyanage bagged the best female player award while Ishan Dhanusha was awarded best male player of the tournament.

Sri Lanka Futsal Championship 2017

For those of you who were able to make it to Sri Lanka Futsal Championship 2017, we hope you had a great time. Until next time! 

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